I hate this smell.

29 08 2008

I really dislike when I’m at work and I put something in the microwave and when I pull it out it smells like old popcorn.

The other woman that works in my office, Maria, loves popcorn.  She makes popcorn in our microwave all the time.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like popcorn.  I just hate, hate, hate when 2 weeks later the microwave still smells like it.  It stinks so bad.  It makes my coffee taste and smell of stale, slightly burnt popcorn.

If you don’t believe me, pop some popcorn in your zapper, eat it, enjoy it.. and then wait 2 days and cook something else in there. Uuuuggghhhh….

What smells do you hate?  Besides the obvious?


My dad was checking out this guy’s ass….

28 08 2008

So last night we were watching America’s Got Talent, and Derrick Barry was on :

He (she?) is a Britney Spears impersonator.  Yes.  Derrick.  He.

He’s kinda cute?  I don’t know… ANYWAY….

We were watching him perform “Hit Me Baby One More Time” last night and he was in the school-girl get up.  I’ll try to find a video and post it at the end.

Anyway, about halfway through the performance, he like bends over and you get a shot of his ass.  My dad instantly (without thinking) goes.. “Ohh!”  Then 2 seconds later.. “AHH WTF that’s a dude.  I keep forgetting.”

This guy is good though.  He really really looks like her.  He doesn’t sing, but he really does look so much like her and dances like her, you can’t even tell.

He just got voted off the show.  Anyway, it was fun while it lasted!

(The butt shot is at 0:33ish. Enjoy.)

Photos courtesy of Derrick’s MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/derrickbritney

Tattoos in the work place

21 08 2008

I have tattoos.  More than 1.  Less than 10.  I have multiple hours of work on my body and hundreds of dollars.

The first thing people notice when they look at me are my tattoos.  That is, unless I go out of my way to cover them.

I am lucky enough to currently have a job where my boss dictates the dress code, and also a really cool boss.  If he chose to let us wear jeans everyday, we’d be able to.  If he chose to make use wear formal business attire everyday, we would have to.  He is pretty lenient.  For the most part, I would define our dress code as “business casual”.  But it’s not even that serious.  I do work for the government, so you might think they would be a little more strict.  Let me just say again that my boss is a pretty cool guy.  When I first started this job, it was February in Pennsylvania.  Cold.as.hell.  I wore long sleeves and pants to work everyday, which covers all of my tats.  Now, it’s August, and while not as hot as some states, it is hot enough that I don’t want to wear pants and a sweater.

I wear short sleeves and skirts which show my tattoos.  I sit behind a desk where I deal with government officials (nothing too fancy, this isn’t D.C.), but mostly I deal with the local population.  Namely, old people.  Now, I have a huge tattoo on my arm.  Most people look at it and say, “Wow.  How long did that take?” or “Wow.  That is beautiful.”  But today I got something that threw me off guard.  I want to add that I do cover my tattoos at more formal events.  I know where and when I can push the boundaries.  Today my boss and another local government official held a “Senior Citizen Expo” where local businesses and companies set up tables with free stuff and tell them about services that they provide to senior citizens.  Generally, when it comes to old people, I try to cover my tattoos.  I was working the event, mostly taking pictures because I seem to be the only one who knows how to work a digital camera, and an elderly man walked up to me and said, “You were in the service?”  I didn’t know this guy.  I said, “Yes… How did you know?”  To which he replied, “Well, I saw your tattoo peeking out and I just assumed as much.”

I don’t know why this sort of threw me off guard, and I wasn’t offended by any means, but I was taken aback.  I remembered that when this guy was my age, the only people who had tats were in the service, and their tats were hearts with banners that said “Mom”.  Or of anchors if they were a sailor. When people ask me about my tattoo and what it means, sometimes I just say, “Well, I was in the Army and everyone had a tattoo.”  But really, I’m just too lazy to go into detail and why should I tell a stranger the motive behind my tattoos?

Why should anyone care about my tattoos?  It’s my body.  I’ll do what I want to it.

My biggest pet peeve is when people come into our office and look at me, but then completely ignore me and wait at the other person’s desk for help.  Like I’m going to eat their souls or something.  Hey, you know what – go ahead and wait at Joe’s desk.  I don’t mind.  I’ll just sit here and surf the web while he works.  I offered you help but if you want to wait, go ahead.

How about the age-old question?  — What are you going to do in 50 years when your skin is all saggy and your tattoos look so ugly?

I always say, “Who says I’m going to be saggy and ugly in 50 years?  Maybe I will age beautifully!”

(That’s not me, but she’s 50.)

Or — What will your grandchildren think!?

If my grandma had tattoos like I do, I would think I had the coolest freakin grandma ever!

Anyway, I just felt like ranting for a minute.

What do you think?

Project Runway – Sn 5, Ep 6

21 08 2008

I’ll be blogging as I watch.

8:55 – Okay, I’m excited because Chris March is on this episode in his super crazy drag with horns!  He is my favorite designer of all the episodes when it comes to personality.  I also really liked Santino, but that’s way old and no one hardly mentions him anymore! Okay, I’m watching Fox News… 4 minutes.. counting down… Hrm… I’m going to go change the channel.

8:57 – Okay, I’m watching Kelli get booted again.  I know I totally haven’t blogged about any of the episodes since like.. the first one?  I’m sorry.  Not that anyone cares really.  I think I only have 1 reader anyway.  Speaking of this episode, I’m really glad Blayne stayed.  He’s just adds so much drama to the show.  Kelli has been mediocre since the first episode.

8:59 – When I first saw this preview for tonight’s episode, I heard that laugh and said.. WOOO CHRIS MARCH!!!!!!!!.. I can’t wait!

9:00 – I ❤ Stella.  Anyone else?  Her and that hammer!  I love it.

9:01 – Stella is always the last one still in bed.  Anyone else ever notice?  … Joe is turning out to be kind of a dick… I’m still rooting for him a little, just because he’s sort of an underdog.

9:02 – CHRIS!!  Yay!  “He has disco balls on his *beeps*!”  Love it.

9:03 – Favorite queens – Sweetie!  Haha… Hedda Lettuce – wtf?!  … Sharon Needles hahaha.. Annida Greenkard LOL, I’m dying simply from their names…. I’m so excited to see what some of these guys come up with!!

9:06 – Oh no.. Stella got Louisa… I don’t know about that!!!

9:08 – Blayne couldn’t have picked a better queen.  I am feeling sorry for Suede already!

9:11 – Tim reveals the winner will get immunity.

Joe in bra.  Nice.  I’m sort of liking his attitude now.  He seems to be really enjoying this.

9:12 – Blayne and his -licious.

9:18 – Suede is giving his sob story about his grandfather.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t really care.

9:19 – Keith and his swatches.  Again!

9:20 – OMG I like seeing them as normal men.  Soooo crazy.  OMG VARLA!!!!!!!!!  He looks like a marine!

9:22 – Poor Suede!!!!!!!!!  I feel so bad for him right now.  But I sort of agree.  The little lettuce heads on the gloves are kind of .. ugly.

9:27 – Tim & Chris rounds… I am liking Korto’s dress so far.  Blayne –  “A pteryodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park!”  I. Love. Tim.  I am liking Daniel’s dress, but they are right that it doesn’t pop enough for a drag queen.

9:31 – I am excited to see this crazy runway show!  Aww Suede and Hedda make up.  Awwwwww

9:40 – What can I say?  I am loving these!!  Hedda is rocking that outfit. Daniel’s outfit is nice, but I still don’t think it’s “draggy enough”.  Terri’s outfit looks awesome.  Ohhh I like Leanne’s too!

9:43 – Terri rocks!! Keith fails!

9:45 – Joe rocked the pink sailor!  Varla really does have a rockin body.  Jerell doesn’t do so hot.  Korto does pretty well too.

My 10 min guess: Terri wins, Keith is out.  Daniel is never out.  I’d like to say Daniel is out, but he always squeaks by.  If it’s Daniel, I’ll be really surprised.

9:51 – Daniel might just be out.  I’m excited to see what happens!

9:52 – Boooo !!  Commercials!!

9:56 – Joe wins!  Wow.. I’m surprised, but sort of in a good way.  I think Terri is probably mad that she’s always #2.

9:58 – OMG DANIEL IS OUT!!!  About time.  See, I knew if I said Keith it would be Daniel!  Woo hooooooo!!!

Okay ya’ll .. cya later!