My dad was checking out this guy’s ass….

28 08 2008

So last night we were watching America’s Got Talent, and Derrick Barry was on :

He (she?) is a Britney Spears impersonator.  Yes.  Derrick.  He.

He’s kinda cute?  I don’t know… ANYWAY….

We were watching him perform “Hit Me Baby One More Time” last night and he was in the school-girl get up.  I’ll try to find a video and post it at the end.

Anyway, about halfway through the performance, he like bends over and you get a shot of his ass.  My dad instantly (without thinking) goes.. “Ohh!”  Then 2 seconds later.. “AHH WTF that’s a dude.  I keep forgetting.”

This guy is good though.  He really really looks like her.  He doesn’t sing, but he really does look so much like her and dances like her, you can’t even tell.

He just got voted off the show.  Anyway, it was fun while it lasted!

(The butt shot is at 0:33ish. Enjoy.)

Photos courtesy of Derrick’s MySpace page:




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