Project Runway – Sn 5, Ep 6

21 08 2008

I’ll be blogging as I watch.

8:55 – Okay, I’m excited because Chris March is on this episode in his super crazy drag with horns!  He is my favorite designer of all the episodes when it comes to personality.  I also really liked Santino, but that’s way old and no one hardly mentions him anymore! Okay, I’m watching Fox News… 4 minutes.. counting down… Hrm… I’m going to go change the channel.

8:57 – Okay, I’m watching Kelli get booted again.  I know I totally haven’t blogged about any of the episodes since like.. the first one?  I’m sorry.  Not that anyone cares really.  I think I only have 1 reader anyway.  Speaking of this episode, I’m really glad Blayne stayed.  He’s just adds so much drama to the show.  Kelli has been mediocre since the first episode.

8:59 – When I first saw this preview for tonight’s episode, I heard that laugh and said.. WOOO CHRIS MARCH!!!!!!!!.. I can’t wait!

9:00 – I ❤ Stella.  Anyone else?  Her and that hammer!  I love it.

9:01 – Stella is always the last one still in bed.  Anyone else ever notice?  … Joe is turning out to be kind of a dick… I’m still rooting for him a little, just because he’s sort of an underdog.

9:02 – CHRIS!!  Yay!  “He has disco balls on his *beeps*!”  Love it.

9:03 – Favorite queens – Sweetie!  Haha… Hedda Lettuce – wtf?!  … Sharon Needles hahaha.. Annida Greenkard LOL, I’m dying simply from their names…. I’m so excited to see what some of these guys come up with!!

9:06 – Oh no.. Stella got Louisa… I don’t know about that!!!

9:08 – Blayne couldn’t have picked a better queen.  I am feeling sorry for Suede already!

9:11 – Tim reveals the winner will get immunity.

Joe in bra.  Nice.  I’m sort of liking his attitude now.  He seems to be really enjoying this.

9:12 – Blayne and his -licious.

9:18 – Suede is giving his sob story about his grandfather.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t really care.

9:19 – Keith and his swatches.  Again!

9:20 – OMG I like seeing them as normal men.  Soooo crazy.  OMG VARLA!!!!!!!!!  He looks like a marine!

9:22 – Poor Suede!!!!!!!!!  I feel so bad for him right now.  But I sort of agree.  The little lettuce heads on the gloves are kind of .. ugly.

9:27 – Tim & Chris rounds… I am liking Korto’s dress so far.  Blayne –  “A pteryodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park!”  I. Love. Tim.  I am liking Daniel’s dress, but they are right that it doesn’t pop enough for a drag queen.

9:31 – I am excited to see this crazy runway show!  Aww Suede and Hedda make up.  Awwwwww

9:40 – What can I say?  I am loving these!!  Hedda is rocking that outfit. Daniel’s outfit is nice, but I still don’t think it’s “draggy enough”.  Terri’s outfit looks awesome.  Ohhh I like Leanne’s too!

9:43 – Terri rocks!! Keith fails!

9:45 – Joe rocked the pink sailor!  Varla really does have a rockin body.  Jerell doesn’t do so hot.  Korto does pretty well too.

My 10 min guess: Terri wins, Keith is out.  Daniel is never out.  I’d like to say Daniel is out, but he always squeaks by.  If it’s Daniel, I’ll be really surprised.

9:51 – Daniel might just be out.  I’m excited to see what happens!

9:52 – Boooo !!  Commercials!!

9:56 – Joe wins!  Wow.. I’m surprised, but sort of in a good way.  I think Terri is probably mad that she’s always #2.

9:58 – OMG DANIEL IS OUT!!!  About time.  See, I knew if I said Keith it would be Daniel!  Woo hooooooo!!!

Okay ya’ll .. cya later!




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