Project Runway – Sn 5, Ep 6

21 08 2008

I’ll be blogging as I watch.

8:55 – Okay, I’m excited because Chris March is on this episode in his super crazy drag with horns!  He is my favorite designer of all the episodes when it comes to personality.  I also really liked Santino, but that’s way old and no one hardly mentions him anymore! Okay, I’m watching Fox News… 4 minutes.. counting down… Hrm… I’m going to go change the channel.

8:57 – Okay, I’m watching Kelli get booted again.  I know I totally haven’t blogged about any of the episodes since like.. the first one?  I’m sorry.  Not that anyone cares really.  I think I only have 1 reader anyway.  Speaking of this episode, I’m really glad Blayne stayed.  He’s just adds so much drama to the show.  Kelli has been mediocre since the first episode.

8:59 – When I first saw this preview for tonight’s episode, I heard that laugh and said.. WOOO CHRIS MARCH!!!!!!!!.. I can’t wait!

9:00 – I ❤ Stella.  Anyone else?  Her and that hammer!  I love it.

9:01 – Stella is always the last one still in bed.  Anyone else ever notice?  … Joe is turning out to be kind of a dick… I’m still rooting for him a little, just because he’s sort of an underdog.

9:02 – CHRIS!!  Yay!  “He has disco balls on his *beeps*!”  Love it.

9:03 – Favorite queens – Sweetie!  Haha… Hedda Lettuce – wtf?!  … Sharon Needles hahaha.. Annida Greenkard LOL, I’m dying simply from their names…. I’m so excited to see what some of these guys come up with!!

9:06 – Oh no.. Stella got Louisa… I don’t know about that!!!

9:08 – Blayne couldn’t have picked a better queen.  I am feeling sorry for Suede already!

9:11 – Tim reveals the winner will get immunity.

Joe in bra.  Nice.  I’m sort of liking his attitude now.  He seems to be really enjoying this.

9:12 – Blayne and his -licious.

9:18 – Suede is giving his sob story about his grandfather.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t really care.

9:19 – Keith and his swatches.  Again!

9:20 – OMG I like seeing them as normal men.  Soooo crazy.  OMG VARLA!!!!!!!!!  He looks like a marine!

9:22 – Poor Suede!!!!!!!!!  I feel so bad for him right now.  But I sort of agree.  The little lettuce heads on the gloves are kind of .. ugly.

9:27 – Tim & Chris rounds… I am liking Korto’s dress so far.  Blayne –  “A pteryodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park!”  I. Love. Tim.  I am liking Daniel’s dress, but they are right that it doesn’t pop enough for a drag queen.

9:31 – I am excited to see this crazy runway show!  Aww Suede and Hedda make up.  Awwwwww

9:40 – What can I say?  I am loving these!!  Hedda is rocking that outfit. Daniel’s outfit is nice, but I still don’t think it’s “draggy enough”.  Terri’s outfit looks awesome.  Ohhh I like Leanne’s too!

9:43 – Terri rocks!! Keith fails!

9:45 – Joe rocked the pink sailor!  Varla really does have a rockin body.  Jerell doesn’t do so hot.  Korto does pretty well too.

My 10 min guess: Terri wins, Keith is out.  Daniel is never out.  I’d like to say Daniel is out, but he always squeaks by.  If it’s Daniel, I’ll be really surprised.

9:51 – Daniel might just be out.  I’m excited to see what happens!

9:52 – Boooo !!  Commercials!!

9:56 – Joe wins!  Wow.. I’m surprised, but sort of in a good way.  I think Terri is probably mad that she’s always #2.

9:58 – OMG DANIEL IS OUT!!!  About time.  See, I knew if I said Keith it would be Daniel!  Woo hooooooo!!!

Okay ya’ll .. cya later!


Korto’s Dress up for Auction

18 07 2008

Yesterday we talked about the Project Runway season premiere.  At the end, I mentioned how you can bid on the designs at

You can bid on Korto’s yellow tablecloth dress.

The bidding right now is up to $40.  There is a $10 shipping fee and it will arrive at your house via USPS in 6-10 weeks after the auction closes.

How can they do this?  That collar is made of kale, tomatoes, and bell peppers.  Keep in mind that this episode was also filmed awhile ago.  So by the time you get this dress it’s going to be a few months old.  I don’t know exactly how old, and honestly I don’t care.  Because all I know is that you’re gonna have some rotten nasty veggies showin up on your doorstep!

Will someone tell me how they do this?  Do they remove the produce?  But then it’s not really Korto’s design.  It’s just not as cool without the produce. 

All the auction says is : Season 5, Episode 1: LET’S START FROM THE BEGINNING.
This is Korto’s design from Project Runway Season 5, Episode 1. Item is tailored to fit the model (size 0- 2, 5’10” to 6’2″). Due to the nature of the challenge, this item may be unfinished and is sold “As Is.”

“As Is” actually makes me believe that there are rotten veggies on that collar!!  I see nothing in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ about perishable items.

Please – someone enlighten me.

Let’s Start From the Beginning…..

17 07 2008

… is the title of Project Runway’s first episode of Season 5! 

I love this show.  I’m not sure why exactly, because I’m pretty far from being fashionable in any way.  I also can’t sew for the life of me.  Unless you consider attaching buttons to be sewing, that is. 

The challenge for this episode is to create an outfit using items found in a supermarket.  The designers have $75 and 30 minutes to gather their supplies.  This exact same challenge (even same supermarket!) was used in Episode 1 of Season 1.  Austin Scarlett was the winning designer of the Season 1 challenge because he used corn stalks.


Even though his dress dried up overnight and looked like hot garbage, he won.  He won because he was innovative and he was the only one to use real, perishable food.  It did look pretty awesome before it dried up, I must admit.  Everyone else ran for the tablecloths, shower curtains, and garbage bags.

My first thought was that this season, all of the designers will run to the produce isle because that was how Austin had won.  Oh, I was so wrong.  These fools still ran for the tablecloths, shower curtains, and garbage bags!  They never learn.

Let’s look at this season’s designers and their designs :

Kelli Martin:


Kelli used vacuum cleaner bags for the skirt, which she splattered bleach and food coloring on to make it appear dyed.  The top of the dress is made from coffee filters which she singed with a lighter.  Kinda nifty, but not the best one, in my opinion.  She did win, however, to my disappointment.

Daniel Feld:

  Blue solo cup

Daniel’s design was “Shear Genius”.  Oh shit, wrong show.  I think this design was by far the best of the challenge!!  That dress is made from plastic Solo Cups!!  He ironed them until they were warm and bendable, and he molded and weaved them into this dress.  Fabulous!  This should have won.  I mean, who in their right mind would try to make a dress from plastic cups?!  Daniel Feld, that’s who.



Oh, Blayne.  You were in the bottom 3, and while I see that your design has some serious character, no one would wear this!  And the main idea of Project Runway is to make clothes that women would want to wear.  Sorry, it’s a mess.


Decent.  Someone would probably actually wear this.  Made entirely of paper towels.  The little lipstick kisses are… cute.


I don’t remember what this was made of.  The bottom is weirdly shaped.  It’s not horrible. The top is made of a rubber kickball if I remember correctly.


Korto’s design was pretty cool.  The dress was made from a tablecloth and the neckline was made from fresh vegetables.  I think it looks pretty awesome, and actually, doesn’t look much like a tablecloth at all.  For this, she was in the top 3.


I think it’s ugly.  Just my opinion.  Tablecloth and mop heads.  I think I see some nipply pokin out there!


WTF is coming out of her neck? 


I have no idea what the materials are (looks like tablecloth skirt), but I don’t hate it.  One of the better ones.


Okay, the top is a potholder.  The skirt is some sort of fabric and he put pasta noodles on there!  I totally give him props because he was all about this Italian theme.. and he went with it.  I wouldn’t wear it, but it’s not horrible, and he was somewhat creative.


I like this!!!  It’s a tablecloth, but it’s totally cute.  I’d wear it.


Coffee filters, candy, and a tablecloth.  Not horrible, not something I would ever wear.


Stella didn’t even have anything started until about 2 hours before it was time to stop.  She was stumped.  She was lost.  She bought cheapo garbage bags and couldn’t do what she wanted to.  So she did this.  Which looks like.. garbage…


It’s not bad.  It’s the same black and white tablecloth that Keith used, but Suede added little blue ribbons to match his mohawk.  Isn’t suede really out of style?


Same yellow tablecloth.  Not horrible.  He’s really dorky looking!!


Jerry – WTF were you thinking?  This reminds me of the guys who clean out the portable toilets.  Oh man.  This is horrible.  The little cape thing on the back and the yellow gloves really sealed the deal.  Sorry Jer, you’re auf!

So – Jerry went home and Kelli has immunity next challenge. 
Who was your favorite?  Who did you hate the most?  I can’t wait for next week.  How about you?
Photo of Austin and his dress courtesy of : and
All other photos courtesy of : – Where you can bid to win the actual outfits!