I hate this smell.

29 08 2008

I really dislike when I’m at work and I put something in the microwave and when I pull it out it smells like old popcorn.

The other woman that works in my office, Maria, loves popcorn.  She makes popcorn in our microwave all the time.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like popcorn.  I just hate, hate, hate when 2 weeks later the microwave still smells like it.  It stinks so bad.  It makes my coffee taste and smell of stale, slightly burnt popcorn.

If you don’t believe me, pop some popcorn in your zapper, eat it, enjoy it.. and then wait 2 days and cook something else in there. Uuuuggghhhh….

What smells do you hate?  Besides the obvious?




3 responses

2 09 2008

There’s nothing like the smell of burnt popcorn to remind me of my freshman year of college and the SEVEN THOUSAND times that someone charred a bag of popcorn, causing the fire alarm to go off. About twice a month, our eight floor dorm would be evacuated at 4:30 a.m., while we all stood out in the cold knowing that the “emergency” was some shitfaced douche bag that passed out while waiting for his damn popcorn.

1 12 2008

hey you smell baddddddddd popcorn

1 12 2008

browser you are weird im in class :]

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