Just a few things…

18 07 2008

.. that I found on Youtube.  I love me some YouTube.

On the campaining video can you BELIEVE how much those voices sound like Hilary and Barack?  Lol, too awesome!!

If you don’t know what the 2nd video is referencing, you’re so out of the loop.



Susan Atkins… release her?

16 07 2008

Susan Atkins. You might not remember the name, but surely you remember the crime. Susan Atkins was sentenced to death on March 29, 1979 for the murder of Sharon Tate, along with Charles Manson, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel.

Sharon Tate was 8.5 months pregnant. Also murdered were Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger.

Susan Atkins was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, and has also had her leg amputated. Her lawyer (and husband) is asking for a compassionate release so that she can spend her final days with her family. She’s been in prison for 40 years (her death sentence was changed to a life sentence after a ruling against the death penalty in CA).

I’m all for justice, but as I was reading the story, I started to feel bad for the woman. I really did. Supposedly she’s been doing all sorts of volunteer work in prison, and has received awards for saving the lives of other inmates. She’s been denied parole 12-17 times (different sources say different things).

Just to illustrate the difference.
Like I said. I was starting to feel bad for the lady. I mean, 40 years. Her life is over. She’s got brain cancer! They say she won’t live much longer than a few weeks.

Then I remembered that after she stabbed Sharon and killed her (and her baby) she tasted her blood and wrote “PIG” on the door… in Sharon’s blood. And then, during her trial, she laughed about it.

I don’t feel bad for her anymore.

What do you think?

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