Korto’s Dress up for Auction

18 07 2008

Yesterday we talked about the Project Runway season premiere.  At the end, I mentioned how you can bid on the designs at http://projectrunway.auction.seenon.com/

You can bid on Korto’s yellow tablecloth dress.

The bidding right now is up to $40.  There is a $10 shipping fee and it will arrive at your house via USPS in 6-10 weeks after the auction closes.

How can they do this?  That collar is made of kale, tomatoes, and bell peppers.  Keep in mind that this episode was also filmed awhile ago.  So by the time you get this dress it’s going to be a few months old.  I don’t know exactly how old, and honestly I don’t care.  Because all I know is that you’re gonna have some rotten nasty veggies showin up on your doorstep!

Will someone tell me how they do this?  Do they remove the produce?  But then it’s not really Korto’s design.  It’s just not as cool without the produce. 

All the auction says is : Season 5, Episode 1: LET’S START FROM THE BEGINNING.
This is Korto’s design from Project Runway Season 5, Episode 1. Item is tailored to fit the model (size 0- 2, 5’10” to 6’2″). Due to the nature of the challenge, this item may be unfinished and is sold “As Is.”

“As Is” actually makes me believe that there are rotten veggies on that collar!!  I see nothing in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ about perishable items.

Please – someone enlighten me.




3 responses

18 07 2008
Barbie Turner

unique dress..

23 09 2008

Uhmm. . .She’s not from Nigeria. Korto was born in Liberia.

23 09 2008

@ Taryn

Okay…… I didn’t say where she was from, so I don’t quite understand the relevance.

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