Susan Atkins… release her?

16 07 2008

Susan Atkins. You might not remember the name, but surely you remember the crime. Susan Atkins was sentenced to death on March 29, 1979 for the murder of Sharon Tate, along with Charles Manson, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel.

Sharon Tate was 8.5 months pregnant. Also murdered were Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger.

Susan Atkins was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, and has also had her leg amputated. Her lawyer (and husband) is asking for a compassionate release so that she can spend her final days with her family. She’s been in prison for 40 years (her death sentence was changed to a life sentence after a ruling against the death penalty in CA).

I’m all for justice, but as I was reading the story, I started to feel bad for the woman. I really did. Supposedly she’s been doing all sorts of volunteer work in prison, and has received awards for saving the lives of other inmates. She’s been denied parole 12-17 times (different sources say different things).

Just to illustrate the difference.
Like I said. I was starting to feel bad for the lady. I mean, 40 years. Her life is over. She’s got brain cancer! They say she won’t live much longer than a few weeks.

Then I remembered that after she stabbed Sharon and killed her (and her baby) she tasted her blood and wrote “PIG” on the door… in Sharon’s blood. And then, during her trial, she laughed about it.

I don’t feel bad for her anymore.

What do you think?

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11 responses

17 07 2008
Jerry Gadwa

According to Susan Atkin’s testimony she is free. If she has truly known the forgiveness of the Lord then both her and her husband would be good with whatever the board decides because it really does not change anything in the eternal scheme of things. On the other hand all who feel the need for mercy are called to show mercy. This is the provision for a need we all have. It is just that some do not feel their need for it. It is the Lord who is the judge of all men. He will reward us all according to the deeds of our hearts. Our largest problem is a tremendous absence of the fear of our Maker.

20 07 2008
Fie Hauge

When Sharon Tate begged for her life and the life of her unborn baby, Susan Atikins said – I have no mercy for you.
Why should we have mercy for Susan Atkins now ??
I don’t care if Susan Atkins now are a newborn christian – what she did then was unforgiveable – still is !!

31 08 2009

I was about to say the same thing. You get what you give and she is getting what she deserves for killing those innocent people is such horrific way, especially a baby who was about to born, unforgiveable.

27 07 2008
Elliott Bettman MD

I am writing her husband James Whitehouse a letter. I will express my intuitions about treating Glioblastomas. This tumor has also sidelined Ted Kennedy (all but Repukes would say undeservdly) Bob Marley, and decades ago John Gunther Jr. who’s father’s book “Death be not Proud” inspired me to go into Medicine. I not only hope she gets a complete remission, but that she gets a cadaveric leg transplant so that she may be whole again.

She DID rhyme with rich at one point, but she was a drugged-up cult member with a bad childhood. Charlie and Tex are wayyy worse, and the former is unremorseful. I say at least release her to house arrest with an electronic bracelet. Those girls should have been released 15 years ago. They have redeemed themselves, especially Susan.

6 08 2008

Release her? Release the others? Whatever happened to responsibility? I had a bad childhood, heck, lots of people had bad childhoods, but we do not go on murder sprees.
It was her choice to hang out with the Manson bunch, her choice to do drugs, her choice to murder. She was going down the wrong road long before she met Manson. She threatened to kill a highway patrolman in Oregon before her inviolvement with Manson. she also fellated her 3 month old son because Manson told her to do so.
It is sad that she has spent so much time in prison, but what is even sadder is that several innocent lives were stolen away forever, and in a very brutal way.
Especially horrible is the death of a baby who was just days away from coming into the world. Save your sorrow for him, he never got the chance for a life, don’t spend your sympathy on someone who got a life and chose to waste it.

6 08 2008

@ Cynthia – I agree 150%!

7 08 2008

Nice article Abby! I’ve gotta side with you on this one…it’s hard to have sympathy for her actions. I know she was essentially brainwashed at the time, but when the crime is that outrageous, all the remorse in the world isn’t going to get your ass out of prison.

You should post more often!

10 10 2008

it doesn’t matter if we forgive her or not. we just can’t let these types of people free to roam the streets. god forgives all who ask, but we still have to pay for our actions on earth.

17 10 2008
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28 10 2008
tom peacock

All memebers of the Cult of Manson should remain in federal penal institutions for the remainder of their natural lives.
They murdered with callous deregard, show (ed) little if any remorse for the attrocities they committed and laughed in the faces of the Amreican Judiscial system when faced with being held accountable for their crimes.
They should have been given the death penatly and had it carried out.
How much has it cost tax payers to look after the family of Manson?

29 08 2009

Leave her alone. WE all pay in the judgement of God! Why do you people keep trying to BE the rath of God?
her sentence was HUGE, she did time. One of you said “unforgiveable”
So shall you be judged by God. We have all sinned, and we all regret what we did Would YOu want something you have done to be unforgiven–forever??
Get real PEOPLE! I hope she gets freedom. She is passing away, and has had no life.

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